Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

Is your IT infrastructures ready to support current digital technologies needed to win in the market and do business with your clients —cloud, analytics, mobile, social and others?

Technology must be able to be adapted flexibly to respond to marketplace change. Too often, though, technologies are straining infrastructure capabilities, leading to losses in efficiencies and even business disruption.

ATS combines a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure services with proven, outcome-oriented approach to help clients manage the transformation of their infrastructure.

Network Transformation

Our teams use their deep skills in network and network-related technologies to help:

  • Reduce network complexity

  • Implement wireless solutions

  • Manage telecom expenses

  • Reduce cost and improve network efficiency

Data Center Transformation

We can help you map out and implement a data center transformation solution that employs market-leading technologies and processes, including:

  • Managing processes and applications as a business service.

  • Virtualizing all layers of the technology stack and logically pooling data center resources.

  • Developing service-oriented infrastructures with automated processes that trigger provisioning based on capacity and service-level objectives.

  • Creating an integrated operations framework that is proactive and predictive.

Operations Transformation

This solution will enable you to manage and observe the health of IT operations, as well as ensure that business service levels, underpinned by IT service levels, are always in a state of compliance and made visible to stakeholders along with IT spend levels.

Security Transformation

ATS security transformation services teams help organizations develop security strategy, protect against threats, minimize risks. We provide a extensive services to help organizations enhance their information security functions, including:

  • Aligning enterprise security requirements to business objectives and implementing a comprehensive security strategy.

  • Maintaining a deep understanding of threats to the enterprise and specializing in continuous improvement and the deployment of active defense capabilities.