Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Today, high performance depends on the ability to gain insights from data. Informed management make more insightful decisions that improve business performance.

Every organization, can benefit by better using information. From strategy to implementation, ATS works with clients to make more informed decisions to capture greater value from their markets. Ability to organize and analyze information to make key decisions constitute the greatest challenges senior executives face today:

  • Driving growth and capturing greater value

  • Driving cost improvements

  • Improving operations

  • Optimizing organization and operating model ATS delivers insights to power business improvement

  • Business function:

  • Commercial

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • IT Services

  • Human Resources

  • Procurement & Supply Chain

  • Finance

  • Market analytics:

  • Warranty analytics in consumer electronics, industrial equipment and auto

  • Commercial Analytics for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Industry

  • Actuarial analytics for insurance and mortgage underwriting

  • Smart grid analytics in utilities and the building materials industry

  • Advanced process analytics in chemicals, energy and mining

  • Public sector analytics for intelligence, security, safety, logistics, health and revenue

  • Churn analytics in retail, banking, mobility, internet services and communications

  • Information Management:

  • Data management, architecture and infrastructure

  • Enabling technology and application infrastructure

  • Enabling organization capability development

  • Business/ customer business intelligence and analytic capability requirements

  • Advanced process analytics in chemicals, energy and mining